UKRN have published a literature review  into the effects of the UK Regulatory model. This paper has been produced for UKRN by the University of East Anglia’s Centre for Competition Policy (CCP).

This paper reviews research on the effects of the UK regulatory model on competition, consumers, investment and innovation, with a particular focus on energy, telecommunications and water sectors. Overall, the regulatory model has largely delivered its initial economic objectives.

The paper is not a simple summary of the literature, but an analytical review that integrates the research findings into a concise whole. While not purporting to be primary research, this synthesis does provide some thoughts about areas in which current information seems inadequate or there is particular merit in new or ongoing research. This review is particularly relevant at a time when the role and effectiveness of regulators are being questioned in multiple domains. Maintaining a strong focus on the economic performance of regulated sectors remains of paramount importance for UK consumers and for UK productivity and competitiveness.